about us

Our company specialises in three key services: Video Production, Event Filming & Live Streaming. We provide our services for various companies in and around the UK offering excellent value for money with the expertise to get the job done right.

We know our business and we take pride in all the work that we do. You can be sure that we never cut any corners and we treat all work with a professional attitude. All of the work is taken care of by our dedicated team of professionals who are friendly, down to earth and knowledgable.

Our company has its own in house production equipment, so we don't pass any invisible hire charges down to you. Our quotes are based on the work itself without these extra hidden expenses. All of this serves as a generous saving for you and guarantees that your budget is spent correctly.

By choosing to work with us, we guarantee you a professional & friendly team that is built on trust & reliability.

Find out how we can help you by calling us on: +44 (0)1253 508670

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our beginnings

Globegig was born in 2005, our background in video began when we set out on a venture to create a monthly music show that streamed live to audiences across the internet, one month later we piloted our first show gaining excellent reviews and our viewing figures rapidly increased over time. From there we spent the next few years perfecting our craft and producing a variety of high quality interactive web shows - and thus the name of the company stuck.

As the company grew we decided to branch out in to other areas of video production and reinvest back into the business by purchasing all the necessary equipment. We extensively researched the market to find out how we could provide a more cost effective service whilst keeping the same exceptional results. By research and ongoing reinvestment we are now proud to offer these high end results at a fraction of the cost of similar companies.

We own a varied mix of cinema cameras, lenses, jibs, dolly tracks a UAV and other essential filming equipment to get the job done. We also have our own satellite production van that enables us to have high speed internet anywhere in Europe.

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Getting the best out of a production only works when you have a team that work in harmony with each other, everybody needs to be on the same page and understand the end goal. Our team have been working together for over 10 years, we are reliable, friendly and have a serious passion for video and the creative approach to production. Each of our team are multi-skilled in various aspects of video production and creative decision making. Teamwork is an essential factor for any successful shoot.


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Video production budgets tend to vary from client to client, some of our customers come to us with a strict budget in mind and others have a more flexible approach. We understand how to fully utilise budgets to get the maximum return on investment, you'll get a complete cost breakdown showing you exactly where your budget is being spent and why. We truly believe that just because a budget is smaller it should not compromise on the final output.

The Team

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Ron Sharples
Company Director
Project Manager
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Steve Sharples
Company Director
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Darren Sanderson
Production Manager
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George Greenall
Camera Operator
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David Austin
Vision Mixer

Ron Sharples
Ron is the co-founder of Globegig Media along with Steve. Ron is the project manager of the company looking after various upcoming and existing projects throughout the year, he holds excellent trusted relationships with new and current clients looking after their individual projects.

Steve Sharples
An early interest in film and media set Steve on the path to creating Globegig Media and becoming the co-founder of the company. He is a well versed editor and a video technical consultant. Steve collaborates on most stages of the video production from rigging, setup & testing through to filming.

David Austin
David is Globegig's senior director and vision mixer. He is equally adept behind the lens, at a video editing suite or a live vision mixing desk. David posses great attention to detail which he brings to every job and has an exceptional eye for creativity.

George Greenhall
You can find George on almost all of our productions, he has been with Globegig since the beginning as our lead camera operator. George is also a scriptwriter and is a collaborator in the pre-production stage along with David and Steve.

Darren Sanderson
Darren is our multi-camera production manager, responsible for the planning of all multi-camera events. Darren also works in post production and is an After Effects wizard. Darren also runs his own separate company.