what we do

in a nutshell..

Our company provides the following services: Video Production, Event Filming & Live Webcasting. We plan and provide video solutions for various companies in and around the UK.

We shoot music videos, marketing videos, we film conferences for the corporate sector, we provide live streaming for various genres including live music, fashion & sporting events, and we do all of this with a team of dedicated professionals.

Globegig Media owns all of its production equipment which means we do not pass any invisible hire charges down to our clients. We are ready to work with you with an efficient manner and a creative and friendly approach.

Find out how we can help you by calling us on: +44 (0)1253 508670

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Our team is a friendly and reliable group that has been in business for over 5 years, we have a passion for video and the creative approach to production. Each of our team are multi-skilled in various aspects of video production.
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As a company that is competitive we will always do our very best for clients to work within their budget. We achieve this by working out a clear strategy based upon requirements to give you the best results on budget, every time.


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Video is a very powerful tool that helps to sell a product, market a brand, reach out to new customers and create public awareness.
Today video is

We can develop and shape your next video idea and take it to the next level thorough careful planning and essential research. We will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and distribute the final video to all platforms.

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The type of video you require will be unique to your own business. We have covered various styles of videos from marketing pieces, brand awareness to demonstration and talking head videos.

Researching and identifying the type of video you need is the first step of the journey, once we have established this we can then move on to the most important stage of all:
The pre-production stage.

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Once you have established the type of video you require the next stage is pre-production. This is where we set out a clear ‘blue print’ and collaborate with you to plan out the entire video shoot.

We will cover all aspects such as identifying the message, the target age range, call to action and final platform delivery. Its then time for the storyboards to be created, scripts written, shot lists prepared and shooting days booked.

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Lights, Camera, Action! The most exciting part of the process is the shoot days, our team will be prepared with lighting, sound, cameras & scripts ready to produce and capture all the elements.

When shoot days are finished the footage is brought back to our edit suite where we will begin the edit and sweeten the entire video to make it ‘pop’. We send you regular previews with your feedback encouraged until the final video is approved ready to be seen by the world.


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Since 2005 we have been filming a wide range of events including: conferences, live music, sport events, theatre & fashion. Our team are second to none when it comes to capturing live events.

No matter what type of event you are planning next we will work with you to shoot it in the best possible light. The end result will be a memorable video that is expertly shot and captures the spirit of the event.

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Planning is key to getting great results when covering a live event and we make sure that we do our homework by arranging location visits so we can determine questions such as venue size, camera & operator requirements and sound & lighting needs.

Safety is paramount with our company and we hold all the necessary public liability insurances.

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Events come in all shapes and sizes, some may require as little as one camera to successfully cover where as others will need a full production team with multiple camera operators.

We have solutions for all types of events from music to corporate, varying in size with the ability to vision mix in real time. We can also output a live feed to big screens for extra impact on the night.

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When your event comes to a close we will give you the option of either a polished edit that we will create, or if preferred you can take the raw footage away with you to use as you please.

We can edit & record events in real time and create DVDs & USBs to give to attendees the same evening once the event has finished. This is becoming a popular choice for conferences.


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Our live streaming services are second to none, we can help broadcast your event live in real time over the internet to virtually any platform. From desktop computers to mobile devices you can guarantee that your target audience will be able to tune in and watch the stream live as it happens.

We can stream to any website and social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Google & Twitter, even multiple sites & platforms at the same time providing maximum exposure.

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Engage with your viewing audience by having an optional chatroom built specifically for your event. These are ideal for Q&As and for social engagement for music and sporting events.

You can moderate all chatrooms by having your own admin account so that only relative chat is allowed giving you piece of mind for any event.
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If you have an event that contains sensitive information that you would like to share with only selected viewers then we can enable a password protected stream that is secure and gives you piece of mind from any unwanted viewers.

This simple solution is available direct within the chat window where users will have to enter the correct password to enable the stream to begin.

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Create extra revenue by monetising your live streaming event. Monetising your event is especially effective with entertainments such as live music, sporting events & theatre. You can set your own ticket price that the viewer can purchase through the integrated video window using either PayPal or a Credit Card.

You can pre sell tickets though the paywall window weeks before the event begins, viewers are given a unique code that they can enter on the day of the event that will give them the access to the stream.