Looking for a fresh engaging video company that will deliver the perfect video for you?

Here at Globegig Media we are passionate about creating video. We have a full range of cameras, lenses, lighting and sound equipment that enables us to deliver an exceptional video product. We would love to discuss your next project with you so that we can come up with a fresh engaging video that will drive more people to you business. From marketing and product videos to demonstration and promotional showreels, we offer a wide range of video solutions to suit all clients. We will make you stand out from your competitors.


Video is by far the most influential and powerful communication tool in the world, there is simply no better medium when it comes to marketing. Our video production services will help you to reach your target audience by delivering a well designed influential video that gains maximum exposure, driving more leads to your business.

We have worked with a variety of business sectors over the years including the leisure industry, retail & education sector, hotel & spa chains as well as music and sports associations. Each business has trusted Globegig Media to understand their vision and develop their ideas into a creative video that delivers with maximum impact.

By working with us we will identify your strengths, goal and key message, from this we will create a compelling video that delivers to the viewer on every level.

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It all starts with the idea…

No two videos are the same, what works for your business will be different to what works for others. There could be 100 different competitors in your area that list the same services as you, so its essential to stand out. It is important that we identify your strengths so that we can project these in the final video, along with an influential message and call to action. By researching the competition and analysing your business, we will find the key strengths and perfect strategy.

Researching the competition, identifying your strengths and drafting a solid idea is the first step of the creative journey, as well as being the most important one. Understanding your business is paramount, which is why we dedicate a generous amount of time to this stage, remember that planning is everything. Once we complete the draft we can then bring the idea to life by writing the final script in the pre-production stage.


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We believe we have some great attributes to our company that should make you feel confident when deciding to book us. Here are just 6 of the reasons we think makes us a great choice of video company!

1. We're reliable - We won't let you down, when we agree on something we stick to it and we always turn up on time!

2. We're friendly - We work in harmony with you and we don't have aggressive directors who intimidate clients.

3. We're cost effective - We own all of our own equipment, we don't pass hidden hire charges down to you and we work within budgets.

4. We're quality driven - Our work is full HD quality & 4K on request. All video is of broadcast standards.

5. We're professional - We take pride in our work and we always work efficiently, all work is completed to the highest of standards.

6. We offer after support - When the work is done we don't close the door. We'll offer video support, advice on social marketing, look at the stats and performance and give you all the help you need, at no extra cost whatsoever.

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Blackpool sixth form college came to us to design and plan their latest video prospectus, it had to be clear, include detailed graphics and include all the major course options. Subtitling was also requested for the hard of hearing. The video shoot and edit was completed within two weeks.

Ribby Hall Village is one of our most popular returning clients, this particular video was designed for the end of year staff conference, its purpose was to highlight the successful end of year and motivate all of the staff. We were told that this video received a standing ovatation on the night!

The Spa Hotel in Preston Lancashire wanted us to film their latest Elemis Biotec beauty treatment with an in depth look on how this relaxing treatment benefits a client’s skin after 6 weekly sessions. They we’re delighted with the outcome and the video boosted their sales by 20%

A popular local band had just completed their first album and came to us for a unique music video, this shoot took place in a freezing cold disused warehouse in the middle of december with the edit being completed on Christmas eve! The band returned to us the following year to complete their second music video.


Are you ready to talk to us about your next project? If so we really look forward to hearing from you! The best way to start is to call us on: 01253 508670 for a chat, or head over to the ‘start a project’ page and fill in the details and send it over to us. This form is designed to give us as much detail about your project at this initial stage before we shape the project. Once we receive the form we will contact you to discuss your project in much more detail.

Alternatively if you have any questions in general or need help with an entire concept from start to finish then we recommend either calling us or filling out the details on the ‘get in touch’ page.

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